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Integrative Addiction Treatment Center

Southern California’s Premier Luxury Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center

Iris Healing Retreat is nestled in beautiful Woodland Hills, Southern California. We are an integrative co-ed substance abuse and dual-diagnosis treatment center focusing on resolution of trauma and spiritual growth and development.

Our core values include modeling and teaching empathy, trauma resolution, living a healthy life and creating meaningful connections. We believe in treating the individual through a multidisciplinary and holistic approach that assists our clients in discovering their true spiritual self.

Through a well-balanced, healthy and structured environment, we craft individualized treatment plans that address dual diagnosis clients. Our intention is to guide each client in their journey of sobriety, resolve trauma, and dissolve resentment that may have occurred throughout their life.

Our clients are guided towards unconditional regard for themselves and others through our comprehensive program, which plants the seed in finding their true calling in life.

Iris Healing Retreat rehab center

Disorders We Treat

Iris Healing Retreat treats a wide variety of afflictions ranging from alcoholism to drug addiction and their underlying issues.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Our Recovery Programs

Effective treatment of addications and co-occuring disorders is best achieved by tailored programs for the particular illness and the particular client.

Iris Healing Retreat facility

A World-Class Addiction Recovery Facility

Iris Healing Retreat dual-diagnosis addiction treatment center nestled in the beautiful city of Calabasas just 20 minutes from white sands of Malibu beaches.

Welcome to Iris Healing Retreat,
a Compassionate Inpatient Rehab in Los Angeles

Welcome to Iris Healing Retreat, a dual-diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction treatment center nestled in beautiful Woodland Hills, Southern California. Our inpatient rehab in Los Angeles is located just 20 minutes from the white sands of Malibu’s beautiful beaches. We are an integrative co-ed substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment center focusing on resolution of trauma and spiritual growth and development.

Iris Healing Retreat provides complete, gender receptive treatment for substance use disorders in a warm and very personalized environment. Our recovery program has a therapeutic emphasis on holistic health and healing to facilitate long-term recovery. Through a well-balanced, healthy and structured environment, we craft individualized treatment plans that address our dual diagnosis clients. The size of our inpatient rehab in Los Angeles enables us to tailor our program to emphasize and meet our resident’s specific needs, offering the best therapeutic milieu for each individual. Our intention is to provide a variety of therapeutic modalities, together with 12-step and non 12 – step support. With the reverence of our resident’s capacity we are able to create a modified discharge plan for every individual. At our inpatient rehab in Los Angeles, our role is to help each resident transform these experiences into their own lives allowing a successful transition beyond inpatient care. By changing the way individuals connected to people and places are keeping them addicted, we break the pattern and help to focus on treatment. Call today and learn more about how our addiction program and inpatient rehab in Los Angeles will best promote your healing. Speak confidentially with an Iris Healing Retreat advisor at (844) 663 – 4747.

“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.”
Nikos Kazantzakis

What patients say About Iris Healing Retreat

  • Thanks Iris for all the love and support. I felt like I finally got to the root of my problem. At previous treatment centers I felt like they glossed over my trauma and you helped me work through it. Thanks for helping me heal.

  • Dear Iris Healing Retreat, I can't express enough the comfort and love I have received. I walked in the door a broken boy, but you have taught me to love myself and be a worthy man. I have learned so much here and worked through things and let them go. I feel so strong, confident and deserving of love. You have changed my life and I'm looking at my future as bright as the stars. Thanks you so much for my new life. Love,

  • My experience at Iris has been nothing but an amazing transformation. The day I came in, I thought to myself "here I am again at another treatment center, what could I possibly learn this time that will truly change my life for the better". But, the moment I walked through the front door, I knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime to truly learn about myself and why I wanted sobriety. I was welcomed by the entire staff, with open arms and endless amounts of love and safety. I enjoyed every single group, therapy sessions and fellowship throughout my 30 days. I have truly seen the light to my future and the amount of tools and coping skills I have gained are beyond any thing I could have ever imagined. I am truly blessed to have had this experience to not only learn about myself, but to see my dedication, moderation, and consistency for my program. I leave Iris with this amazing sense of clarity that I will never forget and will continue grow with on my beautiful journey, that I will never forget. Thank you to all the Iris staff, I will miss you all, see you soon, as the alumni you have taught me to be! Love,

  • My treatment experience at Iris has far exceeded my expectations. The therapists, doctor, and staff were so supportive and encouraging. I have the absolute highest regard for the program and have recommended Iris Healing Retreat to my psychologist and others that are suffering as well. Dr. Elena was especially kind and understanding and helped me get back on track. The staff really know their stuff!

  • Iris Healing was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have been to 5 other treatment centers and it just did not stick. Iris properly diagnosed me, got me on the right medication, and gave me the tools and encouragement to stay sober. They have helped me in every aspect of my life and I am extremely grateful! I can now get back to my regular life without the fear of addiction! Thank you!!

  • Iris Healing Retreat not only showed me a way out of the insidious disease of addiction, but also made a long term investment in me as a sober recovered person. I came to know that I am very much a spiritual being. Meditation, mindfulness practices, and working with others who suffer has had a profound impact on my choices. I learned to open my heart, my mind, and spirit. I am totally dumbfounded that so much love is available in recovery. Today I can be gentle and kind to myself because of the wonderful support at this retreat. Thank you, Iris!

We Are Offering Traditional and Holistic Treatments

Alternative Programs

Counseling Programs There are many different types of counseling techniques that may be employed during the recovery process. To learn more about the counseling options available at Iris Healing Center, contact our staff at (844) 663-4747

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Alternative Programs

Alternative Programs EAP is known to have many healing properties such as: Improve interpersonal relationships Increase self esteem and coping skills Increase self-motivation Increase self-confidence Enhance verbal & nonverbal communication skills Develop a sense of self worth…

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