Our trauma healing retreat will guide you in your journey to complete the healing process while you transform your mind body and soul. When it comes to dealing with our trauma, our specialists will create a personalized treatment method to help get a complete recovery. 

The Effects of Trauma 

Trauma can freeze any devastating moment of your life. It prevents you from moving forward. It also disconnects you from yourself, spirit and nature. It can be caused by different things. A car accident, sexual abuse, abandonment, or a natural disaster can cause trauma. Regardless of the cause, it can have a profound effect on your life. It can even change how you view the world. The healing therapy we offer at Iris Healing Retreat is vital to help you move through traumatic events. Our therapy will help you explore and experience new ways to deal with your life. When undergoing therapy, you cannot expect the past to change. However, you can change how you live so you can trust people again. You will also learn to feel relaxed and safe again. 

Trauma Healing Retreat

Deeper Causes 

The most important aspect of complete healing from trauma is to examine the causes. Our therapist will help you assess the root cause of the trauma. We will help you identify the root cause and guide you to regain your ability to feel safe again and learn how to self regulate. To heal completely, you need to work with a good therapist who is experienced, loving and caring. At Iris Healing Retreat, we will assign you to a therapist who will work with you every step of your trauma recovery process. Our spiritual retreat involves a foundational understanding of how to work with your anxiety and stress. 

Doctoral Level Specialists Team 

It is one of the reasons our trauma healing retreat is different from other treatment centers. Our specialists have completed their doctoral level and they have years of experience in this field. Our treatment involves individual therapy that allows you to develop some skills so you can tolerate all your feelings. The main goal of our retreat is to help every trauma patient enjoy a happy and fulfilled life. We aim to help you change your life to give you a long-lasting recovery. The therapy also includes cognitive-behavioral treatment in individual and group settings. You will learn how to identify your irrational thought patterns so you can adopt behaviors that can restructure your thinking and make it better. 

World-Class Facility 

Iris Healing Retreat offers world-class amenities. We offer all the necessary aspects that will make you feel at home while you complete your healing. Unlike other treatment centers, our retreat center includes sacral space. It is designed by Liu, who is a fourth-generation Feng Shui master. Our clients will follow an individual program that will address your trauma. It will help in treating and healing you as an entire person. 

Our trauma healing retreat will help you set a journey so you will know who you truly are so you can get your life back. Call us today if you have more inquiries about our retreat center or make an initial consultation: (844) 663-4747.