Iris Healing Retreat is a rehab center in Los Angeles that offers complete healing for cocaine addiction patients. It is situated in Woodland Hills, California. 

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A Powerful Stimulant 

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant derived from the coca plant. It changes your brain structure after repeated use. The changes cause you to become addicted to it. Because of its effects on the brain, several users have been rushed to the emergency room. The cocaine overdose amount can vary. It depends on how your body takes its effects and the type of cocaine you are using. Each type has other chemicals mixed with the coca plant. 

Why It Is Dangerous? 

It is true that cocaine is derived from a natural plant. Most cocaine now has been processed extensively. While it is manufactured, mixers utilize other chemicals, such as acetone and gasoline. Some adulterants are also added to enhance the effects. It can be difficult to know the other chemicals being used. You may notice them but it might already be too late. 

Fatal Overdose

Pure cocaine is already dangerous. It becomes even more dangerous if it is mixed with other substances. Cocaine becomes lethal because you can develop a certain form of dependency. Consuming it regularly slows down how your brain absorbs dopamine, which is a neurochemical that makes you feel good. Furthermore, it hinders your body’s ability to produce more of that chemical. Because of its effects on dopamine, the neurochemicals will no longer give you pleasurable effects. As a result, you want to take more cocaine to get a high feeling. 

Your brain can easily get used to the extra dopamine you get. However, other organs in your body may not easily adapt to cocaine use. 

Why It Causes a Heart Attack? 

Cocaine can restrict blood flow going to your brain. It also increases your heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, it puts you at a high risk of a heart attack. What is more dangerous is when you use cocaine and alcohol at the same time. The mixture can strengthen the cocaine effects, thereby, increasing your risk of death. The overdose amount will depend on your history with this substance and how you administer it. The most common method that causes an overdose is injection. Because users will depend on it, their tolerance level decreases. In other words, cocaine use is dangerous. Hence, it is vital that you do not attempt to use it, even once. However, if your loved one is already struggling to obtain freedom from using, then you need to take the first step today. 

At Iris Healing Retreat, we offer a holistic rehab approach for cocaine addiction. We have a cocaine detox program at our rehab center in Los Angeles that can effectively treat this type of addiction and sustain your recovery. It also prevents any relapse. Our therapists have been in the business for decades and they have treated different types of cocaine addiction. We offer different approaches to holistic healing for cocaine overdose and addiction. 

To know more about our rehab center in Los Angeles and enroll in our holistic healing, please call (844) 663-4747.