Holistic rehab is the best route to your recovery so you can make yourself whole again. The word holistic can be complicated. For some, it would mean seeing monks in robes or hearing them chant in unison. Other individuals with drug addiction believed that they are powerless over their addiction. However, the idea of holistic rehab does not resonate. 

holistic rehab

What is Addiction? 

It is a complicated disease with social, psychological, emotional and spiritual roots. It encompasses malady that affects your entire being. To achieve long-term recovery, the treatment has to target several factors. And this is where holistic rehab comes in. Holistic relates to complete systems, instead of just treating the individual parts. That’s why the holistic method works better because it treats the whole spectrum, and not just one. In holistic recovery, you need to change everything. This type of recovery addresses every challenge that you face. In other words, it will not just tackle drugs and alcohol but it will also focus on other aspects of your life. 

Iris Healing Retreat for Long-Term Results 

At Iris Healing Retreat, we do not mask the symptoms with another medicine. Rather, the therapy that we provide uncovers any underlying causes of addiction. In this case, you will learn to develop some skills to handle the challenges of your life. Thus, if you face a challenging situation, you can handle it in a healthy way. A holistic approach addresses every root cause of your addiction. Iris Healing Retreat offers healthy food, encourages better sleep and promote mild exercise so you will look and feel better. Our therapists will help you stay focused and keep forward Addiction can hinder emotional growth. Our specialists will help you develop a new emotional IQ. In that way, you can easily cope with guilt. We have a team to give you emotional support so you can easily transition from being an active addict into a fully recovered person. 

Our holistic rehab process will also help you deal with your mental being. Since the recovery process is personalized, you will learn productive ways on how to deal with anger, fear, and stress. Of course, there is the spiritual part of the rehab. Meditation is vital in recovery. It calms your mind while you listen to the answer to your several questions about your life.

Holistic Rehabilitation Center in Woodland Hills, California 

Come to our drug and alcohol addiction recovery center if you wish to be whole again. Addiction can be life-threatening. It also changes everything about your life. When you realize that you need help, our holistic rehabilitation in California will be of great use to your road to recovery. We welcome individuals from around the country who wish to stop their addiction. We are a dual-diagnosis treatment center to help our clients become free. When we treat our patients, we do not see them as people with mental illness or substance abuse patients. Rather, we consider them as people who wish to heal from their addiction. 

To know more about our holistic rehab facility, make sure to contact us at (844) 663-4747.