Getting help is a big deal. Admitting to having an addictive pattern and trusting yourself and others to help overcome the addiction is not easy. Once you are here, ready to get treatment and to make changes, it can be a whirlwind of emotions–ranging from excitement to fear. That is why it is important to have a healthy mind and body. Yet, a focus on nutrition during recovery is often overlooked. With a healing retreat in California, you can up your chances of having a nourished mind & body, and successful recovery from substance abuse.

healing retreat in California

The body under the influence of substances

Your body is the vehicle that navigates you throughout your life. It is an important part of you, and it is affected by the choices you make. From indulging in delicious pastries to indulging in drugs, your body reacts to whatever it takes in. So, it is valuable to be conscious of what you use. Substances like drugs and alcohol can increase and decrease appetites, affecting how many nutrients your body absorbs. People who are working through addictions may be malnourished because their addiction does not allow them to eat at a proper time or frequency. Additionally, some substances cause you to stay awake for longer periods, disturbing the time the body needs to repair and restore its organs. Substance withdrawal can also confuse the body so you may not know if you are hungry, resulting in the body not being fed. 

With poor nutrition comes the risk of suffering from headaches, low energy, and insomnia. Substances can also affect how your body fights off infections and how the gut absorbs nutrients, causing many physical and mental issues. Furthermore, you can develop conditions like diabetes, heart disease, anemia, and more during addiction, or during recovery, if you are not careful with your health. And, the stress of an additional condition can potentially slow down recovery altogether. 

Why nutrition is important?

A healthy diet can aid your body in healing and overcoming addiction. Not only do nutrients supply the body with energy, they can also assist in maintaining a healthy gut. By having a healthy gut, the brain can eventually feel a boost, rewiring, and can overcome depression, anxiety, and addiction that was influenced by poor brain functions. When your brain and body is out of balance, cravings may arise and trigger you to seek out a substance. Keeping a well-balanced diet can help you make better choices and feel better.

Tips for a healthy recovery

Your body will first need to undergo a detox. Caffeine, sugar, and dehydration contribute to having an imbalance in the brain and body, a poor diet, so it is best to gradually cut them from your habits as you recover. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates, accompanied with low fat and proteins, will help balance serotonin in your body. And it will keep you energized. 

Diet for recovery:

  • Complex carbohydrates: 50% of the diet should include legumes, root vegetables, and whole grains
  • Proteins: 20% of the diet should include fish, meat, tofu, or other high-protein foods
  • Fats: 30% of the diet should include healthy fats like flaxseed, avocados, Extra Virgin olive oil, nuts
  • High-calcium: three cups of calcium-fortified foods like kale, cheese, yogurt
  • Water: two or more liters of water a day

Eating a balanced diet with a variety of healthy foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, and adding multivitamins, can help you stay on your path of recovery. For more information call Iris Healing Retreat at (844) 663-4747.