Our alcohol detox programs at Iris Healing Retreat follow a holistic approach. They are ideal for someone who developed an alcohol addiction. 

Alcohol Rehab for Individual Patients

The goals of our detox programs are aplenty. But the main ones aim to end alcohol use once and for all. In that way, patients will remain free from the clutches of alcohol. The programs also improve overall health and treat any psychological problems or disorders of the patient. To remain abstinent from using or drinking alcohol, detox programs that we offer will make some changes to your personal, psychological and interpersonal parts of your brain. 

alcohol detox programs

Why Improving Overall Health is Necessary? 

Holistic rehab programs aim to reduce your health risks. They are especially beneficial for patients who have been drinking alcohol for a significant period of time. When you abuse alcohol for a long period of time, it could mean that you are experiencing psychological trauma. You may also be suffering from psychiatric disorders from abuse or previous events. 

As you enter and enroll in our holistic alcohol detox programs these issues will be addressed. However, the process may not be easy. The reason for this is that these issues might still arise resulting in you drinking more or quitting the program. But our specialists at Iris Healing Retreat will implement certain strategies that will stop you from going back to your old habits. Once those issues are treated, our alcohol detox programs will assist you in integrating back to your society. We can help you resolve any issues you might have so you can enhance your personal circumstances. 

Unique Program 

During your alcohol rehab, your detox program will be different from the others. We, at Iris Healing Retreat, believe that every person is unique. Every treatment process is different. When you enter our rehab center, you will be assessed properly. From there, our specialists can create a unique program. The assessment may include psychological screening and drug test. The main goal is to understand your alcohol addiction so we can create a unique program that can successfully treat you. 

Detoxing your body from alcohol is the next step. It can be a dangerous process because of the side effects of clearing your system from alcohol. For future sobriety, we offer psychotherapy. It is vital to help you make some positive changes to your life. 

Doctoral Level Clinical Team

Our holistic alcohol detox programs are customized program that puts emphasis on trauma resolution, self-care, and personal development, among others. The key to the success of our program is individual therapy. Our highly experienced medical assistance will monitor you around the clock. Apart from our detox programs, we also offer other treatment methods, like brain spotting, meditation, and neurofeedback. Our holistic approach allows us to help you obtain a sustained recovery. It means that you will be sober for the rest of your life. 

Our team combines years of experience to give you individuals alcohol detox programs to help you fully recover from alcohol addiction and past trauma. Call us today for a consultation: (844) 663-4747.