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Integrative Addiction Treatment Center


addiction counseling Los Angeles

Compassionate Addiction Counseling in Los Angeles

Addiction counseling is a key component in achieving lifelong recovery from addiction. Iris Healing Retreat is a dual-diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction treatment center with an experienced and caring staff. At Iris Healing Retreat, we are committed to helping each individual resident transform their life by breaking unhealthy patterns and promoting long term healing.

At Iris Healing Retreat, we strive to provide the highest quality addiction counseling in Los Angeles. We are dedicated to offering our amazing clients complete, gender receptive treatment for substance use disorders in a personalized environment. We provide customized treatment plans. In addiction recovery, one size does not fit all. Our addiction counseling in Los Angeles plans are tailored to each individual and consider all the external factors in their life such as the presence of family, their employment status, their mental and physical conditions, possible dual diagnosis, and many other considerations. At our addiction counseling in Los Angeles center, the approach we take is comprehensive. The addiction recovery program at the Irish Healing Retreat include all aspects of treatment, starting with initial counseling, detox, recovery, family counseling, and aftercare. We align these elements with an introduction to healthier living habits that support an attitude of renewal and hope.

Expert Addiction Counseling in Los Angeles

Addiction counseling in Los Angeles includes effective treatments through customized programs for each unique client. Our highly skilled and thoroughly educated team has the expertise and capability to treat a wide variety of afflictions ranging from alcoholism to drug addiction as well as their underlying issues. Many addicts and loved ones see addiction recovery as a time of disruption, turmoil, and uncertainty. It is all of that, to be sure, but it is also a time of renewal and hope. Our compassionate addiction counseling in Los Angeles is prepared to be there for you or your loved one every step of the way. These are the messages we provide to our residents each day as they struggle to find their footing in a world free from the nightmare of their dependency.

At Iris Healing Retreat, an essential component of our comprehensive program is providing the addict with the confidence that he or she can tackle life’s challenges without the “support” of drugs and/or alcohol. Teaching these coping skills helps them face any obstacle. Once addiction counseling in Los Angeles starts, addiction recovery is an ongoing process, continuing even after our residents leave Iris Healing Retreat. At that time, they are armed with aftercare programs designed to provide the support they need, along with on-going monitoring to help keep them clean and sober.

Our Los Angeles treatment center is located in the serene city of Woodland Hills (right next to Calabasas), just 20 minutes from the beaches of Malibu. To learn more about the Iris Healing Retreat and addiction counseling in Los Angeles, please contact (844) ONE-IRIS or (844) 663-4747, visit www.IrisHealingRetreat.com or email info@IrisHealingRetreat.com.

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